Job Application

The Human Resources and Quality Systems Department conducts preliminary interviews with candidates selected from Kartonsan's existing CV pools and from the responses to advertisements to determine the people who will be recalled for a second interview. These second interviews are conducted by the departments that will be doing the actual hiring. On the basis of these second interviews, a short list of people who will be called back for a third interview is drawn up. During this interview, candidates are informed about the specific job description and the salary and benefits being offered. 

Those who are to be hired are notified and requested to provide whatever additional documentation that may be required. 

Job applicants who are deemed unsuitable for a position are notified in writing. 

People who have been newly hired by Kartonsan are put through position-appropriate orientation programs that are conducted by the Human Resources and Quality Systems Department and monitored by the heads of the departments for which they have been recruited. After completing orientation, new recruits begin a two-month on-the-job trial period during which their performance is observed. At the completion of this trial period, work agreements are concluded with those recruits who are deemed to be suitable. 

Job applications 
A normal staffing chart has been prepared for each Kartonsan department. This chart is reviewed annually on an individual department basis. Departmental managers notify the human resources department in situations where they believe that they are understaffed and/or that changes in staffing norms should be made. These requests are evaluated and changes are made as are deemed to be necessary and appropriate. 

Job applications together with your most current CV may be submitted to Kartonsan's Human Resources and Quality Systems Department by e-mail or fax. 

Human Resources


(0212) 273 21 70




Students who are interested in a traineeship at Kartonsan should fill out and submit a "Trainee Application Form" that may be obtained from the Kartonsan Human Resources Department. Kartonsan offers two separate trainee programs: 

* Winter program for professional high school students, for which applications must be submitted in July and August of the year 

* Summer program for professional high school students and for university students, for which applications must be submitted in April and May of the year. 

Applications received by the Human Resources Department are evaluated on the basis of grade averages and in line with company requirements. Successful applicants are notified by the end of August for the winter program and by the end of May for the summer program. 

Trainee application forms sent through the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) for foreign national students are also evaluated by the human resources department, which notifies IAESTE which of the applicants it deems to be suitable on the basis of their qualifications. The human resources department sends the training programs that it prepares for such trainees to the departments concerned and also monitors performance.