Product Specifications

Kartonsan serves customers with a product portfolio capable of responding to a wide range of needs and expectations.

Kartonsan-made products play a role in the everyday lives of tens of millions of consumers in 27 countries.

Because of their internationally-certified superior quality standards and absence of anything that might be detrimental to human health, Kartonsan-made products are safe for use in food packaging.

Please refer to our “Product range” page for complete details.

Kartonsan-made products also boast technical features that make them suitable for an all but unlimited range of design, manufacturing, and printing applications.

Product range and technical specification is available in following attachment.

Product specification table

Kartonsan documents the quality, safeness, and compatibility of the manufactured goods within the Quality Management System with certificates that are internationally acclaimed. The Company keeps its certificates up to date periodically.

REACH 1 certificate

ISEGA certificate