Kartonsan from Past to Present

Kartonsan is the pioneer and leader brand in the coated cardboard market in Turkey since its establishment in 1967.


Kartonsan begins manufacturing coated cardboard for making boxes.


Continuing to expand its capacity year after year, Kartonsan launches its second (BM2) production line.


Kartonsan’s waste treatment plant becomes operational.


The BM2 line becomes operational and Kartonsan’s production capacity increases by 160%.

Kartonsan’s shares begin trading on the İstanbul Stock Exchange’s national market.


Computer-controlled production lines are installed.

The BM2 line’s production capacity is increased to 300 tons/day through the addition of new investment and plant optimization.


Kartonsan celebrates its 25th year with innovations and recognitions of its success.

Three turbines capable of being powered by natural gas and fuel oil begin generating the Company’s own electricity.

Kartonsan’s environmental awareness is acknowledged by the “Green Smokestack” award from the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and the “Environmental Incentives” award from the İstanbul Chamber of Industry.


With the completion of an expansion investment at the power plant that raises its installed capacity to 19.2 MW, the Company begins generating electricity and steam.


Work begins on projects to add a turbogenerator and a waste heat boiler at the Kartonsan power plant.


Work is finished on a project to expand Kartonsan’s treatment plant.


Kartonsan begins selling the surplus electrical power that it generates to the national grid.

Kartonsan’s integrated management system (ISO 9001 Quality Management System + ISO 14001 Environmental Management System + OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System) is audited and approved by Bureau Veritas.


Kartonsan’s pulp preparation operations are augmented with the addition of a bleaching plant. This represents an important step forward in the direction of environment-friendly manufacturing by significantly increasing the amount of recyclable waste paper that can be used in the Company’s production.


The BM2 line’s production capacity is increased by 50%. Kartonsan’s total annual production capacity reaches 180 thousand tons.

The product line is expanded with the addition of NP 200, whose advantage is that it requires 10% less cardboard to be used compared with others employed for the same applications.


The number of countries to which the Company exports reaches 25.

Projects are also launched to obtain Paper by Nature and FSC-CoC certifications in recognition of Kartonsan’s commitment to environmental awareness and to the support of sustainable resource use.


Kartonsan posts the best production, sales, and turnover results in its 41-year history.

In the 41 years since then, Kartonsan has become one of the leading coated cardboard manufacturers in Europe.


A Letter of Intent, worth Euro 16 million, was signed with the Austrian Andritz AG to finance an increase in the BM2 capacity by approximately 50%.

The transition to the SAP system project was completed following FSC certification studies.


Reaches a new record for sales volumes, at 172,000 tons. SAP system activated. BM2 investments continue.


The project for BM2 capacity improvement was finalized in 2014. Kartonsan’s production capacity increased by 60% in the BM2 line, with a total capacity increase of 30%.

Within the scope of its expansionary investment, checks on the use of energy and natural resources will be completed and work on decreasing the use of vapor will be carried out.

Within the scope of the regulation on the follow-up of greenhouse gas emissions, a plan has been developed to follow greenhouse gas emissions resulting from Kartonsan’s activities, and this plan will be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Urban Development in 2014.

An energy team has been established to conduct work on the system requirements; Kartonsan was granted the 50001 Energy Management System certification following the work carried out by Bureau Veritas.


The year 2015 was a year of optimizing the investment in the expansion and modernization of our Company, and the relevant work has been done.

In 2015, Kartonsan’s production volume reached 200,013 tons, marking the highest volume since its establishment.

Lean management activities were initiated which would provide important to various areas from production to customer satisfaction.

At its 50th anniversary, Kartonsan reached the highest sales quantity and turnover of all times.

As a result of strict Covid-19 measures that Kartonsan put into effect in 2020, the company was able to continue carrying out its manufacturing and trading operations without interruption. Kartonsan's focus on protecting its human resources from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic qualified it for "TSE Covid-10 Safe-Production" certification.